My biography

Music style at the beginning


The beginning of my interest in playing music for people at disco and other dance parties dates all the way back to when I was 16, under the caring wing of DJ Wydrys, in the Mayday club in Prague. There I've learned the basic techniques of mixing and most important the magic and art of entertaining guests.

New career

My career as an independent DJ began two years later when I was ready to get behind the mixing table alone. Back then I was pretty much raised on house and dance along with 80s and 90s music. At this point I was starting to become the resident DJ in the Mayday club as well as other places. Since then I've gained a lot of experience in the field of playing and mixing modern music. Near the end of 2008 I've met my next idol - DJ Miquello Torrez, who got me to the next step up the ladder in this music category.

At this time


I currently have a lot of interesting references and the potential to always push myself to be better and collect more experience which the guests at the parties where I play and mix music will surely appreciate.

Future ?

In the future I plan to broaden my references collection and organize parties so great the guests will never forget them.

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Live Sets

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